• Media Relations

    Media Relations

    Information is everything, but without strategy and relevant contacts, it simply is not effective. Our goal is to be a solid channel of dissemination of messaging media among clients’ audiences and opinion leaders. We operate our business in different segments, building relationships with journalists and gaining expertise in how different editors and media convey information. Reporting assignments, articles, feature stories and notes are our raw materials.

  • Media Training

    Media Training

    Hands-on interactive media training sessions with the staff at FGuaraná and also with invited journalists for spokespersons learn how to relate to the press in positive moments and also facing crisis situations.

  • Digital Communication

    Digital Communication

    The Internet has revolutionized the ways in which people and businesses interact. In a rising sea of information, to create a strategic communications plan is an essential first step in the development of a results-based achieving goal process. The starting places for effective communication are Digital Strategies Planning and specific contents media creation. FGuaraná bets on interactivity as a trend in Strategic Communication.

  • Video-release


    The video release increasing engagement and creating highly shareable content is one of the most effective and valuable key-tools used by FGuaraná communications team to accomplish client’s business objectives. In addition to spreading the message through web platforms (social networks, blogs, websites/corporate portals) it can be sent through newsletters to various media outlets.

  • Content Creation

    Content Creation

    To meet customers’ needs, the agency brought together professionals specialized in the production of content for websites/portals, blogs, brochures, magazines, books and newsletters.

  • Crisis Management

    Crisis Management

    An important tool to help clients to avoid extreme situations or to teach them how to deal with them. FGuaraná roads built designs help to reduce the risks that may affect brand image, neutralizing or mitigating the impact of disclosure of sensitive information.