The Company

Our headquarters is in Porto Maravilha, a new creative and interactive hub of Rio de Janeiro. In this exciting and inspiring work environment, FGuaraná Comunicação Estratégica has experienced rapid grown in the last three years-and expanded its business reach to São Paulo to attend our clients’ needs from complete projects development to target audiences promotion.

Our multidisciplinary team’s experience spans a broad range of industry sectors such as: Health, Beauty, Quality of Life, Law, Energy, Technology and Culture providing specialized tailor made solutions using the most appropriate strategy for each particular target audience and media. We serve law firms, local companies and global presence corporations always delivering our clients customized services combined with a full service portfolio.

Fernanda Guaraná

For nearly a decade, Fernanda Guaraná worked as a manager for one of the largest Communication Agency in Brazil, with excellent results, especially in the legal and international areas and for companies in the energy, technology and finance sectors. In this period, she lead a team of 30 people and more than 45 clients. In 2012, she founded FGuaraná Comunicação Estratégica. With a background in journalism and law and post graduated in International Relations, she began her career at the United Nations (UN) in the areas of media relations and on the development of bilingual content.

  • Eduardo de Souza


  • Bruna Velon

  • Juliana Sampaio


  • Camila Inácio


Coletivo do Porto

Coletivo do Porto is a pool of four companies from the creative sector, that share space, ideas and experiences to develop integrated solutions in communications, marketing, digital media and events.

Offering complete solutions, that go from website development to press relations, Coletivo do Porto acts doing the interface on event promotions, mobile app creations and increasing the visibility on different medias, adding agility and practicality to our clients.


Mais Árvore Project

We do have ecologic conscience and belive that if we turn down the enviroment impact we will be contributing to a better life on our planet. Thinking green, we´ve created Mais Árvore Project, with Fazenda Mundo Novo (a Brazilian Farm), that already has more than 65.000 trees, in a 70 hectares area.

Every new costumer means a new planted tree at the farm. And every project done by Coletivo do Porto has its offset ecologic impacts. The project earns our green seal and the client can follow the trees growth, by checking our reports.

Join us, let´s reforest!