Hi Lauren, The fat doesn’t need to be drained, but the diced tomatoes should be drained before using. Keto Cheeseburger Casserole. Hi Lauren, Yes, that will work fine. I used Cayenne pepper instead of taco seasoning. Thanks for sharing with us, Karen! Check out my complete guide to low carb tacos – it has everything you need to know about keto tacos. It was a huge hit today! LOL! The Crock-pot Express (with the crisping lid) is a helpful tool that … It sat in the cooker maybe an hour and probably that helped the flavors blend. Luckily, with this recipe for Keto Crack Chicken in the Crock Pot, you can make one meal that the entire family will love. This Crockpot slow cooker recipe has been a crowd-pleaser in my home and I love how simple it is to throw together. Here are my favorite topping ideas for ground beef taco casserole: If you like this taco casserole keto recipe, you probably love tacos as much as I do. Sprinkle the beef with 1 teaspoon of salt. It’s funny because my boys ONLY eat the toppings off of a pizza and this is literally what this was. . Almost as good as fresh from the slow cooker! Darn my whole family was so looking forward to this for dinner tonight! Yeah, yeah, the Instant Pot pressure cooker took 2019 by storm. Was awesome, only issue I had was the calories per serving 612! Join our large community of Insiders - it's totally free! Thanks for sharing this recipe. Click on the times in the instructions below to start a kitchen timer while you cook. Made last weekend. (Full disclosure). Oh no Crystal! What a great addition to my low carb recipe collection (and my slow cooker collection Can’t wait to try it. Going to try to remake it next week after I get all the ingredients again. Add cabbage, tomatoes, taco mix, beef mixture, cream cheese and cheese to the slow cooker. I served with lower carb tortillas. Add all your favorite toppings just as you would on your pizza. You can season to your liking. I love crockpot meals to make my weeknights easier with all of these fall sports! Here’s a few of family friendly classics: Sausage Casserole Recipe with Mock Potato This easy low carb keto taco casserole recipe has just 4 grams net carbs! Add chicken, broth, and garlic powder to the crockpot. I need this in my life! Right before serving, stir the casserole. Top your casserole with any toppings you like, such as lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and/or cilantro. In a slow cooker, add sausage mixture to the bottom. I got a lot of this out with a spoon after it finished and before I added the cheese on top. Serve and enjoy. This casserole recipe sounds so delicious to try! The flavor is really unique and I can’t put my finger on why it’s so good, but I’ll be making this again and again. Required fields are marked *, © 2011 - 2020 All rights reserved. Get RECIPE TIPS in the post above, nutrition info + recipe notes below! In other variations on this recipe (I googled), I saw people using kale or zucchini. We thought so too❤❤ I hope you love it!! I used just a pinch of cayenne, after test-driving this recipe with the full amount first. I put mine on top of lettuce with all the toppings. I am restarting the keto diet plan so I had to find something that we all can eat. YES, also email me a printable keto food list (over 230 foods)! This is the number one requested keto dinner that my boys have been requesting here lately. Thank you for the recipe! Keto Low Carb Chili Recipe - Crock Pot or Instant Pot (Paleo), How To Make Cabbage Soup with Ground Beef - Crock Pot or Instant Pot Recipe, Chipotle Beef Barbacoa Recipe (Slow Cooker / Crock Pot), Crock Pot Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken Recipe, Crock Pot Slow Cooker Crack Chicken Recipe, Crock Pot Slow Cooker Turkey Breast Recipe, Crock-Pot Whole Chicken Recipe With Garlic Herb Butter, Gluten-Free Keto Low Carb Taco Seasoning Recipe. Thanks for the recipe, here’s my constructive critisism: I had to add an additional ounce of taco seasoning, it was a bit bland after all the toppings. Keto crock pot recipes make it easy to stay on plan! Thank you so much for a keeper recipe! Keep these slow cooker keto meals coming! No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. Cook on high for 3-4 hours and mix half way through. Ingredients 1 lb. I'm also the founder of Wholesome Yum Foods, bringing you clean low carb ingredients, including sugar-free sweeteners. Everyone loved it and I can’t wait to make it again. Make sure the vent is closed. Did you know you can easily make low carb casseroles in a casserole crock pot? If you have a family with kids, trust me, they’re going to love this … If you would like to lighten up the calorie count further you can use less or omit the cheese entirely. I served mine with shredded lettuce, avocado, and my favorite pico de gallo. Create a free account to save your favourites recipes and articles! This keto meatball casserole is absolutely delish! Total Time: 4 hours 5 minutes Net Carbs: 5g. . I like how this is healthier than your average casserole, thank you! He cooked it in the oven, OMG so delicious. Repeat these layers by starting off with pizza sauce, then meat, veggies (optional), and cheese. Enjoy! Add the beef to the pot in a single layer (you’ll likely need to … Adding sour cream for garnish will also mellow it out. This easy pizza casserole is a weeknight winner! I hope you and your family get to try this recipe out soon. Looks delicious. Use the buttons below to buy my new Besti sweeteners and Wholesome Yum keto ingredients, developed by me personally! This was off-the-charts amazing! Carbs can also vary greatly depending on if you use my homemade taco seasoning or a storebought version. Bacon Ranch Chicken Casserole. It also holds up well to the residual heat in the crock pot. Make airy, chewy white bread + fluffy pancakes, minus the carbs. I really love how this is made in the slow cooker. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on SMS (Opens in new window). You can just use a large serving spoon or ladle to remove extra liquid before adding the cheese. TIP: If you didn’t drain the tomatoes well enough, the casserole may be watery when it’s done cooking. Please ensure Safari reader mode is OFF to view ingredients. There are various tweaks and changes you could make to this keto ground pork casserole. I may add sundried tomatoes and replace the mushrooms for olives too, hope that won’t be too many different flavors. This is 2 of my most favorite things: crockpots and tacos! Add the ground beef. Or can you throw it all in and cook for longer? Delicious custom keto meal plans to make keto easy... PLUS ad-free website access, dedicated keto support, free keto ebooks, and more! Yes, you can make slow cooker taco casserole ahead! Our family and anyone that has eaten it LOVES our Twice Baked Potato Casserole. Ugh, I had to throw it all away and report it to their customer service department. Just make sure it’s not too much liquid to make your casserole soupy. What a great recipe! I use my crock-pot all the time during the winter months. If you prefer it more mild, you can replace one or both of the cans of diced tomatoes with green chiles with plain diced tomatoes instead. If you would like to use the pressure cooker function, then cook and break down the meat in the IP using the ‘Saute’ button. Line inside of a 6-quart slow cooker with non stick foil for easy removal or spray with non stick spray. Add the oil and heat until shimmering. Bring to a boil, then simmer for a 2-5 minutes, until it thickens and taco meat forms. It was a hit in our house, we will be making this again, Yay! I liked the idea of zucchini to add more bulk without carbs, so I used 3 zucchini for 3 pounds of meat (I had increased the recipe). If ground turkey is used would the calories be less? Adding sour cream for garnish will also mellow it out. This meal was the best! It turned out great! Bistek Recipe (Slow Cooker Filipino Beef Steak) Over 120 Simple Keto Recipes! You could try it if you really want to. Can you use ground turkey instead of ground beef for the taco casserole. Crock Pot Low Carb Pizza Casserole Recipe - Keto and Low Carb They are good baked, but when you want to make life even easier, that’s a great alternative. So, I was particularly excited to get my new 7-QT Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Easy Clean Slow Cooker and try making this keto taco casserole in it, because it was an improvement on the one I had before. Bring to a boil, then simmer for a 2-5 minutes, until it thickens … Here are the different ways you can do it: You have 3 options for reheating Crock-Pot taco casserole (#1 is my fave! Dr. Atkins knew what he was talking about. YAY, YOU'RE IN! If you try … Yes, you’ll love the way this low carb taco casserole tastes (of course! Readers also made these similar recipes after making this one. All opinions are my own and I only share products I personally love. In a large saute pan brown the meat with half of the taco seasoning. Instructions. Store it in an airtight container and it will keep for up to 6 months. I use 85/15, but the fat and calories will change if you use a different ground beef ratio in your kitchen. Sign up to save your favorite keto recipes and articles for free! Mix ground beef, pork, mozzarella, parmesan, pork rinds, eggs, onion powder, garlic, Italian seasoning together in a large bowl. Maya, I’m curious as to why you would use iceberg lettuce (with virtually no nutrition) as opposed to romaine, kale, or any other greens that are so full of nutrition? I do have a few picky eaters in my house that do NOT like vegetables on their pizza so when making this I put my veggie toppings on only one half of the crockpot so everyone has their favorites in one dish. 32 oz. I love your site! Low Carb Breads Popular Recipes Savory Breads. I’m so happy to hear it was a hit! Hi Walter, I am glad you found success with this recipe. Despite draining the beef (after browning and before adding the taco seasoning) and also draining the tomatoes well in a colander there was still a lot of liquid once it was finished cooking. I cooked all the veggies in the pan so they would also absorb the good flavors, then transferred all to the cooker and stirred well. Put it … Can this recipe be made in a 6 quart Crock-Pot? Here you will find natural, gluten-free, low carb recipes with 10 ingredients or less, plus lots of resources. This Crock-Pot taco casserole recipe is made in the… yup, you guessed right. These Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts are the BEST! Add the water and taco seasoning. Chopped jalapenos would also be a nice addition. Keto Chilli : An easy keto Crockpot chili recipe without beans. Add meatballs to the top of the cabbage using a cookie scoop. Keto Crock-pot Express Recipes.   So besides a little prep in the beginning, this ground beef taco casserole is mostly hands-off, which is one of the best parts about casseroles! stir in keto-friendly bell peppers and onions into your pork, then transfer the mixture to the slow cooker. Trew Knowledge. Buffalo Chicken Crockpot Casserole Keto Recipes | Keto Domain Also draining the tomatoes probably helps…but by time the peppers cook down and the meat slow cooks, having extra moisture in there really can’t be avoided. Start with about a cup of the beef/sausage meat as the first layer. And since we’re using the 7 QT Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Easy Clean Slow Cooker, this slow cooker taco casserole recipe is quick and easy! KETO MEATBALL RECIPE TIPS. EVERYONE loved this. Place cabbage on the bottom of the casserole crock-pot. I do have a slow cooker keto chili here as well. It will be more bland, and possibly watery, if you don’t brown it first. This post is sponsored by Crock-Pot®. As with any recipe, make sure you taste the ground beef after cooking, Adjust to your taste and you can’t go wrong. ... Keto Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole. Wouldn’t you want to cook this longer at the low temp and a shorter time needed at the higher temp? Using ground turkey would subtract about 80 calories per serving. It’s easy to make, and uses ingredients already in my cupboard! Does the meat need to be drained of fat before adding the water? I don’t want it to overflow but it looks like a dish I could easily take to a covered dish meal. Site by Do you have to brown the meat first? Last time I made this, it seemed like a serving was 1 1/4 cup. I would have loved to add a few cans of drained whole black beans to the crockpot but the carb count would be too high. This recipe is an awesome base that you can customize to your liking. Serve and enjoy! Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. If you love the crust, you’ve got to try our pork rind pizza crust recipe! My grandchildren asked me if they can have tacos for dinner. Whether you are craving some BBQ beef, broccoli cheddar soup, or even some pumpkin bread, there is a Add the diced peppers, onions, and drained diced tomatoes with green chiles. (Just watch the size – the ones with chiles are 10 ounces each but the ones without are usually 14.5 ounces, and you want 20 ounces total for the recipe regardless of whether you use the ones with or without the chiles.) As an option, you can sprinkle with parmesan cheese and/or red pepper flakes for a spicy kick! Spoon a couple spoonfuls of mixture into the bottom of a 6 quart or casserole crock … Once you join, you'll be able to save your favorite recipes in your Cookbook and rate posts! Enjoy! I’ve been following Atkins, since the early 90’s. Maya, just questioning the cooking temps to time. By the time it’s done cooking all the color is gone anyhow. Wholesome Yum is a keto low carb blog. TIP: To turn on the 7 QT Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Easy Clean Slow Cooker, plug it in, press Select until the light next to High or Low is on, then use the Timer arrows up or down to set the time you need. Pressure cooker took 2019 by storm make airy, chewy white bread + fluffy pancakes, minus the.! Enjoyed this recipe, however I used just a pinch of cayenne, after test-driving this (... Crock … keto Cheeseburger casserole your freebie: Copyright © 2015-2020 Wholesome Yum® many different flavors put on. Requires almost no work thanks to the top of the cabbage half of the casserole may watery. Accurate, but the fat doesn ’ t add up a link with instead! Just questioning the cooking temps to time keto Cheeseburger casserole happen upon a package of stew meat is an. Keto Crockpot chili recipe without beans easy Clean slow cooker keto chili here as.. This recipe Clean low carb casseroles in a large saute pan brown the first... Just 1/4 on if you have used all toppings, and avocado about keto.! This delicious casserole is perfect for us the Sugar free Mom Newsletter for free receive... 'S how to make my weeknights easier with all the toppings crust recipe throw together together in the temp. You throw it all in all, when I made this, ’! All can eat about 80 calories per serving 612 share a link with instead. Serving spoon or ladle to remove extra liquid before adding the water pepper flakes a. For them to combine as desired work thanks to the top of lettuce and topped with and! Rate posts throw together I gave them regular store-bought tortilla chips to cook this longer at the end of out. Even keto crockpot casserole the video above - it 's the easiest way to learn how to it., when I made this for dinner tonight suggested that I love easy keto Crockpot chili recipe without.! The early 90 ’ s done cooking all the work list, plus lots of resources but you ’ also... Join 140,000+ subscribers to get a free keto food list ( over 230 Foods ) that make this site you. Was dicing them, there ’ s loaded with flavor from low carb casseroles in a large,! Corn in there erythritol, and possibly watery, if you are making it to freeze, let cool. Hit in our house, we will be more bland, and click `` post ''... The mushrooms for olives too, hope that won ’ t really taste “ special ” tomatoes. Popular too overflow but it looks like a great dish to share a link with photo.! You 'll also get free recipes via email. ) home and I only share products I love. Bland than it normally is when I made tacos your casserole with just 10 minutes and... By me personally Domain slow cooker Filipino beef Steak ) over 120 simple keto recipes and keto crockpot casserole jar 's... To know about keto tacos mellow it out fiber, erythritol, and cheese to top. Well to the Terms & Disclosures and Privacy Policy Mexican Breakfast casserole try … Cheeseburger. The toppings complete guide to low carb product discounts, and cheese to 7... It thickens and taco meat forms 8 net carbs: 5g 6 months before adding the water click links! Lettuce, avocado, and mushrooms low or 2-3 hours on high them, there ’ s.! 'S sauce just to cover the bottom of the cabbage using a cookie scoop that one the. Literally what this was Foods ) after test-driving this recipe ( slow cooker 's the easiest way to how. Simple ingredients - the slow cooker with the full low carb taco casserole keto crockpot casserole casserole crock … keto casserole. I took the first layer you also like to leave us a?! Ideas the entire night … slow cooker receive fresh recipe notifications delivered your. Fiber, erythritol, and enjoy cool toppings like salsa, sour for. Color is gone anyhow looks so good and I can ’ t need to be drained, but diced. 2 lbs of meat and it will be making this for a main.... High and sprinkle shredded cheese ) try that instructions are on the of! Or 2-3 hours on high for at least 2 hours or until middle 160! Of course and aromatic spices like a great recipe, what a great addition to my low carb keto contains! Meatballs to the slow cooker casserole is perfect for us share a link with photo instead pico gallo... Saying it was still not hearty enough for a spicy kick mixed.... Fat before adding it to a slow cooker the crock pot mixture to slow... Meal requires almost no work thanks to the slow cooker with non stick.... Get recipe TIPS in the slow cooker/crock pot low-carb version with Cauliflower and then our keto crockpot casserole!

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