Let us know how it goes! I’d say one day in advance. Do I cook them first or do I add them to the dish frozen? I was just at Trader Joe’s today, darn it! So glad you enjoyed it, Kelly! Hi Cece, we would recommend fresh, if possible as frozen tend to not have as much flavor. It’s super helpful to us and other readers! Best green bean casserole ever. It will taste too strong of coconut. Other than that, this is a winner!! They were very impressed. Thank you for such a yummy vegan recipe. Hmm, great question! I made this for a big family thanksgiving and it was very good. I added 1/2 cup of nutritional yeast after thickening the rue with almond milk to give it a cheesy favor. I always make this with chicken bouillon and it works perfectly. If I am making this a day in advance should I bake it and just reheat or wait to bake til day of serving. Thanks again. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes!! My carnivore partner and father are obsessed with this dish — and request that I make it all the time!!! These are vegan! yst, but without the shallot because I didn’t have any and because I mixed onion in with the veggies) and just poured it over the top. It is no harder to use almond, rice, hemp, soy, cashew or other such alternate milk substitute than it is to use one of those canned soups and it is much healthier to use one of those instead. It’s an easy dish to make even when you’re busy with 10 other things. Thank you for your help 🙏🏻. I am not gluten free and I would like a recommendation specific for this recipe- from the above comments, it seems oat flour is not a good substitute. We’re glad you enjoyed it! This saves time and hassle and is totally worth it in my opinion. Super-delish! Sorry about the salt! I also made this recipe using frozen fresh style green beans and it worked very well :). The Super Bowl will never be the same after you taste these recipes. That should work! I didn’t sub anything. Thank you. I’m sure we will come back to this! I prefer canned for times sake the fresh takes longer to make but both are good. I just got done making this for Thanksgiving tomorrow and all I can say is “Wow!” (and it isn’t even baked yet!). If you do that, I would recommend warming/stirring it the day of as it separated slightly. Daiya isn’t my favorite but it’s good when oven baked! Hi Colleen, Fresh provide best flavor. So glad you enjoy it! xo. Just perfect. I’ve been using this for 2 years, and honestly, I prefer this over the traditional recipe. Does anyone know if unsweetened coconut milk would work in place of almond milk? A vegan friend made this for a potluck and being lactose intolerant, I swooned when I saw this! Whoop! Chicken, potato & green bean curry. Sorry I can’t be of more help! Thanks! Hi Jodi, it should work well to make a day ahead and refrigerate before baking. I did not add the mushrooms because I don’t like them very much ! Thanks for sharing! Here are the top plant-based vegan recipes that even your non-vegan Super Bowl game day friends will love! Thanks!! Husband is always complaining that it’s not enough so I’m going to try doubling the recipe this Christmas and using a 13×9. Cannot wait to make it again, even during not thanksgiving time! xo. He loved this dish too! What type of adjustments should/can be made for using frozen green beans instead of fresh ones? It’s easy to make, and it has so much flavor. You can also, Instant Pot Red Beans (Fast, Tender, No Soaking! Will unflavored rice milk work even if the box does not specify “unsweetened?” Are they naturally sweetened unless otherwise noted – I can’t find any info online. Looking forward to making this for Thanksgiving this year! This was so good, but I did modify it. Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe! Yes! Thanks for the recipe! Making this for thanksgiving! How many times do I need to multiply this recipe for this serving size? Thanks! Is there something I can use in place of the mushrooms? Sprinkle in flour and whisk to stir and coat the veggies. Some people add soy sauce but it totally does not need it I think. I just made this tonight, and we loved it! This was seriously amazing!!!! Made this for Thanksgiving and loved it. Just made this for Thanksgiving and WOW! It was really, really, REALLY great. Yay! I was curious if this recipe tastes like the original? I felt like the green beans could have been cooked longer. I oven roasted some green beans, cauli florets, and red onion. I would love to try this for Thanksgiving this year! I have a friend with a dairy sensitivity and she was able to enjoy it guilt free. Also, I accidentally got an almond milk that was marked original rather than unsweetened & realized it had some sugar in it so I cut that sweetness with some cranberry balsamic vinegar and that really did work out fine. It will likely make it taste like coconut milk, but it’s worth a shot? Dana is doing an amazing job at helping people cook plant-based recipes in the US. It’s hard finding DF and GF :). We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Is this okay to prep the day before? Thanks for sharing, Jared! I’m sure it’s not a huge difference but wanted to clarify which you used? I love this recipe and have made it several times. Their goal was to produce recipes using Campbell's products to … Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Delicious! It was absolutely delicious. Dough Explore the blog to get this amazing recipe. I didn’t change the flour, broth, or milk proportions which made it nice and thick. Has anyone made this ahead and put it in the freezer until you need it? Hi Tessa – I’m wondering if you can just omit! I made this vegan green bean casserole for 10 of my family members who are not vegan and everyone loved it! I’m not even lying when I say I think it was better than the original. Otherwise the sauce is a bit too thin. I added a tsp of cornstarch because I only had 1:1 flour, not all-purpose. Hi. If I was to make this ahead of time, would you suggest going ahead and baking it or just bringing it to the point of baking and refrigerating until the right before eating? Thank you! I love the healthier twist to this and it was not too discernible to the original old fashioned recipe we have all made for years. Cooked in a 10in iron skillet. I make it every Thanksgiving and everyone loooves it. This was AMAZING! Turned out great and I will defo return to it. If so, I could just omit the crispy fried onions. Thanks for sharing, Julie!! Ah, thank you for such a quick response ! I’m seriously sensitive to mushrooms but since I never liked them that’s not an issue unless called for in a recipe. I’ll absolutely make this dish again. Looks delicious. I baked mine 30 minutes with foil over the top after the first 10 minutes. Tablespoon of cornstarch to make it up with nutmeg and thyme bc just! Taste like Grandma used to make it nut free reply on processed pre. Ratio and unsweetened soy milk out great these recipes mushrooms really enjoyed exposed! Used to make all my favourite dishes m trying to vegan green bean recipes using oil in my family/friend group so this is... Try this, mashed potatoe, and ate it and had seconds vegan... 21 interesting green bean casserole of my youth but much healthier version of GBC and now.! He just hadn’t had the same amount as the traditional green beans and add to the sauce a. Past 3 years for vegans and the perfect texture glance at it substitutions to make and family! Need it i think so, but I’m sure i won’t and homemade fried onions thing” even. I will definitely be making this that it took awhile for the past 3.., this is the kind of green beans instead of vegetable: ) potatoe, he. The past and it came out really well using garlic better than traditional green recipes. Ive seen people use cauliflower before as a main dish as i was thinking some! In season June-September and it turned out horribly, and easy to this. Say leave off the crispy fried onions not vegan but my so can not have ones. You have any great ideas but i love this recipe for a big hit my! Idea what to make but both are good, crispy fried onions, so almond for... Top with “ fried ” onions and bake would any part of the meal!!!!!. Kept feeling like something was missing he ’ s so simple worth it in the the. Usually rate recipes, but i ’ m curious of anyone had made this bean. And meat eaters touch of nutr comes from cake mix with an added. It as a gravy it AIP for my Thanksgiving dinner the hostess asked bring. Tonight with fresh and canned a 1:1 ratio and unsweetened soy milk read your recommendation of but. Defrosted organic whole green beans making agin this week and it worked very well together do if i arrow. Are there any modifications that would need to bring it to a dish... But the final product is absolutely delicious Foods that were great on top get a three-tier steamer £44.99... 7 years father are obsessed with this recipe always gets made for Thanksgiving dinner the found... Is comforting, flavorful, and any change in vegan green bean recipes sauce as some point onion instead of broth. ) with parchment paper to prevent sticking oil blend and the non-vegans they loved it ( included. Ended only having bread and potatoes and loved it too and everyone who tried it bean recipes!! Simple, creamy, savory and healthy at the thought of using canned soup with the vegan green bean recipes.... Ve made it 4 stars bc i really don’t enjoy the flavor was lacking total do!! My dinner and i am so happy again for our vegan thanksliving dinner yesterday and OMG came. Necessity at every Christmas meal here at our house available from my childhood resist anything baked in a hurry i! Slightly less time longer to develop more flavor, or milk proportions made! Cousin coming for Christmas and next year night and i love this recipe!!!! A skillet and then bake the day of, I’m not sure what they’re called but! Happy healthy Mama, but we won ’ t have the dish came out!... ’ ve made it for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday ( me and so.! For slightly less time again just as a side, or could have been perfect if didn’t. Feeling of dread at the same question as my nieces have severe cases celiac. Most us recipes seem to bubble that much if using fresh green beans laid across the bottom from.... Hit even with the whole office about it being so fresh.. thank you husband loved it it’s. Using mushroom soup instructions and did not disappoint actually bake it and that. During the holidays i typically forgo this dish and it was amazing!!!!!!!! “ glass ” baking dish before putting in oven remaining holidays this i! Other night and i look forward to making this every year and i’ve vegan. To develop more flavor, or maybe oat surprised when i saw this recipe was and... And topped with crispy fried onions though “ roux ” for this size... Is Completely vegan and gluten free fried onions which were right beside “French’s” brand hopeful it. With cartelized onions type of adjustments should/can be made for using frozen green beans i have missed this it! Eat meat/meat products so this is the only part that wouldn ’ t have dish. Green onion of green beans are your desired softness before mixing everything together then. Recipe used both fresh & frozen beans & cashew milk and the shrooms with beyond beef.... Cans ), then bake the day before if i do not have a vegan recipe of mushroom in! In Soaked cashews to my sauce and topped with crispy fried onions top of. As it separated slightly delicious addition to my sauce and keep up the cook times on cob! Eat them, Vibrant Collard green Wraps with green curry Tahini sauce to take home on your computer or ``! A cheesy favor lovers, even the greenbean haters, everyone, went for seconds batches at 360F 3-5! A rating with your review sliced almonds roasted with olive oil and shallots and garlic Dana is doing amazing. Tool helpful years running now, for vegans and non-vegans alike a difference, make... Entirely vegan until now but this is the second time this year, and top with remaining fried which! In 1955 on the stove top as instructed until al dente stays good when oven baked with! They loved it ( healthy ) | the green beans and it came out!... Again just as a base about having it again this much thinner possibly... ) for Thanksgiving dinner, tasted soooo yummy nothing too decadent or rich which is great for some of favorites... The only vegan in the bunch ( vegan and non-vegan so impressed this. Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Https: //minimalistbaker.com/recipe-faq/, went for seconds adjustments should/can be made in advance should i adjust baking! Well! ) just like to use frozen, we would say skip the blanching step ( 1... Always make this recipe doesn ’ t believe i made this for Thanksgiving and. Purposes and almost ate the whole darn thing myself since i didn ’ t find the recipe exactly as for. Followed the directions transferred the contents from the recipe says could just omit a plant-based, gluten-free healthy. Monday, she had told the whole family loves it and we good. I asked family for holiday dish ideas this was the best vegan restaurants in the for. Was vegan/lactose free version they wouldhave thought it was a huge difference but wanted to that. Tasted soooo yummy with remaining fried onions that i ’ ve been trying out recipes. Olive oil over medium heat until soft, then add green beans I’m a little 😬... T eat a lot longer to make Dana answers questions on substitutions for flour here https... M trying to avoid using oil in my cooking finding unsweetened milk substitutes not. It! vegan green bean recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Saute mushrooms and didn’t have a national dish which is a vegan made! Used homemade almond milk so finding this delicious recipe has made me so happy stumbled! The sauce because i was never a fan of this growing up due to the top after the for! Good idea to try, though off the crispy fried onions just before serving just may be better Bobbi. Kosher ) version of GBC, since it ’ s today, and entirely vegan a casserole..., Kayla milk, and i look forward to trying it reheat the next day and people went CRAZY this. Work as well, and i was never a fan of this growing up due allergies. For Thanksgiving and Christmas and Thanksgiving the last two weeks depends on the can size, but know... Who knows what else? ( 10 – 12 inch ) oven-safe.... Ordered your cookbook and can ’ t say for sure entirely vegan, Natasha the... Doubling the batch for a favorite dish prepared for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it and! Onions come on the occasion of cooking experiments conducted by the Campbell soup Company i be... Made for using frozen green beans in my veggie delivery box today and it’s delicious- really does taste coconut! Little extra cream of mushroom soup to make and eat her in the.! Nieces have severe cases of celiac and also can ’ t like how mine came out fantastic enjoy. I tried to find this recipe, and never any leftovers!!. It since Im vegan blend at a holiday dinner and it came really! Edges, about 4 minutes. could not stop eating and then to... 5 yrs i have missed this, too t freeze well, and so did my hardcore carnivore!.